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Attract and retain volunteers

It's easier than ever to reward your volunteers and keep them coming back. Volunteers earn 1 Current for each hour they work, which they can use for partial payment with participating businesses.
Not only is it free, but it will even help you fundraise.

Nonprofit benefits

Easy hour tracking

Dedicated volunteers

Fundraising opportunities

Record activity seamlessly in one place. Check in volunteers at events with one click or approve hours submitted. Alternatively, import hours from existing sources to generate Currents.

Easy hour tracking

Dedicated volunteers

openCurrents enables social organizations to offer an incentive that attracts a whole new group of committed, quality volunteers.

Fundraising opportunities

Easy event check-in


Approve hours

We are on a mission to help nonprofits create a better world.

"I can cast a stone to create a ripple."

- Mother Theresa

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