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Frequently asked questions

  • How do I earn Currents?

    You can request Currents for hours volunteered with any nonprofit. Nonprofits must register before issuing Currents and must be serving the greater good.

  • What’s the value of the Current?

    For our beta phase, businesses have agreed to value Currents at $20 per Current. As the platform evolves, businesses will be able to decide the value at which they accept Currents. Note that the Corporation for National Community Service values each hour volunteered at $23.5/hr.

  • Who guarantees that Currents are actually backed by one hour of work?

    Each hour volunteered must be confirmed by an administrator of the issuing nonprofit. Each nonprofit and administrator is first verified by the openCurrents team.

  • What can I buy with Currents?

    You can use Currents to buy products and services with anyone who accepts them. You can find offers from participating businesses in the openCurrents marketplace.

  • How do I use my Currents?

    Visit the openCurrents marketplace from your profile to use Currents with participating businesses.

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